Welcome,  We at Redeemer Lutheran Church want to share the love of Jesus with you. We strive to discover and share God's love, joy, peace, kindness and goodness; we want to help each other replace anger, unhappiness and despair, fear, hopelessness and doubt. We are not perfect, but we definitely believe in Jesus Christ, who said, "Whoever believes in Me has eternal life".  We want to be here for you when you need someone to listen, someone to help you "sort it all out", and someone to just be a friend...BECAUSE WE CARE! Please know that you are always welcome to join us in celebrating the joy and blessings of Jesus Christ

Worship in person at 10 AM, NO Bible study due to Covid

Service broadcast live on Facebook

Christmas Eve candlelight service 12/24 7 pm 

Christmas Day service 12/25 10 Am


Church Office (432) 337-5451 Metro/Fax (432) 580-5452 E-mail rlc_824@hotmail.com Pastor Stadler's E-mail PastorStadler@hotmail.com







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Redeemer Lutheran Church
824 E 18th St. Odessa , Texas 79761
United States
Phone: 432-337-5451